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February 7, 2004
Cards of the Moment
The Best Valentine Cards I've seen since the Onion's (second link back to kisrael.com, I don't think they've republished 'em yet this year.)

Tool of the Moment
So, for a while I was thinking about loading up my Amazon wishlist with the stuff I wanted. The trouble is, for years I've been keeping the same list on my palm pilot...and I still wanted to do that, since for some stuff I do have a preference for buying from a local merchant so I'd like the list at hand. (Or, gasp, sometimes I even use the library.) So what this is is a tool that takes my Amazon wishlist and puts it into a text-only format that I can put onto my PDA.

Enter your email address as it is on Amazon, and it will come back with your wishlist. After you've loaded the full list once, you can then filter by type. (book, video, dvd, etc)
><>    wishfish    <><
I learned some stuff from this as I transferred my stuff from the Palm into Amazon...it mostly just works for books, most of the videos and cds I listed I mean to rent or research first, I wouldn't neccesarily want to own them, so I only amazon'd the stuff I wouldn't mind having some day. If you're curious, here's my amazon wishlist...

Link of the Moment
Clinical descriptions of self-bondage related deaths. Sounds extremely humiliating...you'd die of embarrassment if you weren't dead already. (Do a Ctrl-F "Find" for "Volkswagen" for one of the oddest ones.)

Quote of the Moment
"Worst Vegetable of the Year: The brussels sprout. This is also the worst vegetable of next year."
Steve Rubenstein

Update of the Moment
The new Blender of Love is here. Honestly, I don't think this was one of its better months. There were 2 or 3 really good works, fewer than sometimes. Plus I'm all dark and bitter and goofy in the intro.

Politics of the Moment
Yet more reasons to be glad Joe Lieberman is out of the race...he might just be the Emporer from the Star Wars prequels... (Thanks John!)