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February 11, 2004
Saw a pretty cool movie last night..."The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra". (Got free passes the night earlier, in line for the Suicide Girls Burlesque show.) It is being distributed by Sony, but it was an indie film made on a $10K budget. It was legitimately funny, an Airplane-esque parody of 50s scifi/horror, except it never relied on breaking the fourth wall for laughs. You can see a preview at lostskeleton.com. I think it's playing this weekend at the Kendall cinema, with a few members of the cast on hand. Worth checking out, especially if you like supporting indie stuff.

Slashdot Goofery of the Moment
I didn't RTFA, but it sounds like they're just running ethernet cables (or OC12 or whatever) to Mars. Didn't they stop to think that the planets move? Ridiculous! The ESA and NASA really need to get their acts together.
You've never heard of bungee earthernet? It's the new standard.
Could they make that space elevator on top of that? That would be useful, just don't get out on the floor expecting "ladies' lingerie" when its actually "hard, lung popping vacuum and solar radiation".
--Deraj DeZine, FooGoo, and myself in the slashdot discussion on that "100-Million Mile Network" to Mars article I posted yesterday. My first (Score: 5, Funny) in a while. (The first comment is the best, though, "RTFA" is the abbreviation advising one to Read The Article linked to before brashly commenting on it, so Deraj DeZine is being pretty funny there.) The space elevator is a real concept though.

Politics of the Moment
Damn it, more argument that Edwards, not Kerry, is the democrats best hope to regain the whitehouse. Kerry just...reads wrong to a lot of people, on TV and what not. Even I can tell that, just like Bush reads really wrong to my crowd. Stupid democrats, their idiot bandwagoneering is going to cost them. UPDATE: As pointed out in today's comments, I was probably a little harsh just then. (But I wasn't saying everyone who supports Kerry was a bandwagoneer or an idiot.) Though I agree with the article I link to: I get the feeling a lot of Democrats are trying to think in terms of electability, which is well and good, but there are some indications that they're getting it wrong. If you're going to bandwagon, at least do so in a way that's likely to meet your goals. And if you prefer a candidate for more idealistic reasons, more power to you, but remember: a candidate who doesn't appeal to the swing vote for whatever reason is going to keep Bush in office.

Link of the Moment
It's the Parasite Pals Super Fun Site! Meet Holly Hostess and her friends, Dig Dig the Head Louse, Tickles the Tapeworm, Blinky the Eyelash Mite, and ZZeezz the Bed Bug. So cute! And so disgusting!