helloooooo, sarah!

February 12, 2004
So, Dylan's Pointless Sidebar is getting a little somethin'-somethin' extra; our friend Sarah will now hopefully be a regular contributor. Sarah's a pretty gal with great hair and an English accent. She and Dylan go way back to their days at Boston University. In fact, Sarah was probably Dylan's last great crush before he figured out he was all gay and stuff. Here are some old pictures of both of them just so you know your source of sidebar pointlessness that much better.

Quote and Link of the Moment
"Ideas rot if you don't do something with them.
Don't hoard them. I blog them or otherwise tell people."
I was amazed at how well Danny O'Brien described my geekish preferences and note-taking habits.

Art of the Moment
The Infinite Cat Project. I would've sent in a picture of Murphy, but it was near feeding time, and he was a lot more interested in food than some stupid monitor with a cat on it.

Cartoon of the Moment
One of the worst things I've ever heard: what might be the world's only Human Computer Interface (HCI) Rap. Man, it's painful even to type that. Though the cartoon it came from, "OK/Cancel", is actually pretty decent for geeks who try to make computers easier for squishy humans to use.