dean's down

February 18, 2004
For the record, I wasn't nagging Dylan to give the details about what happened to his partner Tom, but I thought it would make an interesting sidebar. I guess Dylan just isn't the emotion exhibitionist I am...

Videos of the Moment
Cool and existential and melancholy stick-figure music video Doorsteps (it has a more sexually violent and nihilistic music video, I Love Death) The music is good in both, and the animation style is compelling. (In the same style the site has the game domestic violence, kind of a warped rock-paper-scissors variant)

Quote of the Moment
No one gets too old to learn a new way of being stupid.
slashdot QotD

Image and Toy of the Moment
CITIZEN: please report to the Categorical Barcode Generation Site to receive your appropriate identifying barcode. Here's mine!

Observation of the Moment
This is not, it would appear, the best time of year for Oranges.