atari music mojo

February 19, 2004
I got my Atari music mojo working in my upcoming 2600 game. Instructions for running it in an emulator are on that page, though if I can figure out a way to record an mp3 or something I'll post it.

ChatBot of the Moment
I just found out out about a new AIM chatbot, ZolaOnAOL. Kind of like SmarterChild, but doesn't want you to pay money...some useful stuff like news headlines, movie times, etc.

Diagrams of the Moment
More comprehensive yet somehow less satisfying than Lore's famous Geek Hierarchy Chart, it's the Pagan Who-Looks-Down-on-Whom diagram.

Article of the Moment
Slashdot linked to a Fast Company group of articles, What We Learned In The New Economy. Man, I really miss the old new economy. This new new economy sucks.

Game of the Moment
Odd little puzzle game, GROW. Items attached to the sphere level-up other items previously attached, and the goal is to try and max everything out. I'm half tempted to geekily learn how to get the 20K max solution, but alas, more pressing needs...err, press.