stomp, crush, crumble and chomp

March 7, 2004
Invitation of the Moment
So I'm turning 30 at the end of the month. I decided on a three part party format: video games in the afternoon, then dinner at Summer Shack near Alewife, than back to my place for the booze and shmooze. I was pretty proud of the ebiteevite (nice typo!) I came up with, kind of a Godzilla-theme. (His decade-birthday is coming up as well.) I mentioned that there would be dancing, and then provided this link to a preview of the dancing.

So if you're a Boston-area friend of Kirk and didn't get an evite, let me know, I probably just got your email wrong...

Link of the Moment
Brooke reminded me of Fenslerfilm, primarily old GI Joe Public Service Announcements redubbed and remixed into absurdist theater. The first one PSA01 is pretty representative, and PSA17 made me laugh for a while...