on nicknames

In yesterday's comments, Sarah used an old nickname of mine, "Kirkles", which Max picked up on...just thought I'd mention on the front page that "Kirkles" has a long and undistinguished history, when I was dating a gal named Lynn in high school, and our mutual friends envisioned us gazing at one another and blissfully sighing:
"Oh, Lynnie-Pooh"
"My Kirkles..."
As far as diminutive nicknames go, Kirkles ain't so bad. (Though I just now realized that "Lynnie" sounds like "Winnie", as in "the". Huh, wonder if that was intentional.) Mo used it sometimes I think, along with some other folk. Like, Sarah for instance.

My best-highschool-buddy Mike "Woodchuck" Witczak was the most frequent person to tease with that name, though my counter-nickname for him, "Chuckles", outlasted "Kirkles" in regular usage. Alas, both "Woodchuck" (which I thought was a pretty clever play on his last name, he had had it from middle school) and "Chuckles" lost out to the (in my opinion) sadly pedestrian "Mookie" when Mike went to college and joined a geek frat.

(Hmmm--it's like a pointless sidebar, minus the sidebar!)

Tool of the Moment
Speaking of things I'll always associate with high school, there's an awesome Calvin and Hobbes search engine. Its extensively keyword indexed, though I kind of wish there was a way of sorting the results by date.

Link of the Moment
Gamespot has a history of the most controversial videogames. Heh, Chiller.