oh baby

March 24, 2004
Heh, ironically, the kisrael.com entries were a lot better when I was away than they've been the past few days...it's just been a very hectic time, I really haven't caught up on my usual surfing.

Quote of the Moment
I hate babies. They're so human.
H.H. Munro

Link of the Moment
Encyclopedia Obscura--lots of Seanbaby-esque commentary and research (except I'm guessing it actually gets updated every once in a while, unlike SB) on really obscure bits of our pop culture heritage, from games to movies and beyond.

Article of the Moment
Continuing the popculture theme, a take on Marvel's cool teen heroes as opposed to DC's simpler, more iconic ones, and why that past coolness makes them less hip to be into now. I never really got into superhero comics when I was a kid; I don't think I've ever liked stuff that was so serialized, where you had to wait so long for the next episode...