todo, todone

Mundanity I Wish to Share with Everyone of the Moment
Usually I like keeping my TODO's on my PalmPilot, the beastie that's always with me, and ticking off each one in turn, but for a weekend where I'm trying to get lots of little chores done, I like keeping up a simple .txt document. I label the top TODO and as each is done in turn I move it under the heading DONE. For some reason I fins this immensely satisfying. Here's this weekend's lists so far:
hot tub chems
hot tub write up
grocery store
bank card!!
weight bench on craigslist

write dave
catchup mundane
write kyle
read blender poems
check dehum
blender improve?
do blender writeups
do blender review
harv square? (617) 661-9277 
clean email
ask susan r.e. lawyer
publish blender
If you're around a computer a lot during the weekend, I'd highly recommend it.

Current Events of the Moment
Well, current as of a week or so are amazing before and after images of the North Korean city where the train explosion occured.

Smallminded Cultural Observation of the Moment
You know, I know it's mostly just me turning into a reactionary old fart, but for some reason it seems very odd to think about some infant today who in 20 years will be very nostalgic for mommy's tattoos, like who would assoiciate those twisty tribal armband patterns with motherhood on some deep level. "Just like mommy's tattoos" doesn't ring right with me. (Actually, I know of one woman who had one removed not too long before she had her first kid, I don't know if she felt the same thing or if she was just sick of the tattoo.)