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So last night the potential buyers for my house and I agreed on a price...if all goes well in a week or so I'll be one house poorer and a wad o' cash richer. Which means I have to move at the end of this month, yurgh.

Product of the Moment
According to 'carbwire', Coca-Cola C2, design to appeal to low-carb dieters, is coming out this summer:
All I could think of is that this previously-kisrael'd product idea, imagined by Joseph Calzetta, might be more prophetic than I ever knew....
Go Low Carbers Go!

Quote of the Moment
The more complex the mind, the greater the need for the simplicity of play.
Captain Kirk, "Shore Leave".
Hmmm...I know a good excuse when I read one!

Game of the Moment
SWRON is yet another version of Tron lightcycles...but I think it does the best job of finding the balance between looking like the movies (a lot of version are just overhead view) and still being playable. (First person lightcycles is nearly impossible to play.)

Update of the Moment
The May Update of the Blender of Love is up and about...it's hardly ever out this early in the month...