arms and tp make the clownstaple. i don't know what that means.

May 21, 2004
Toys of the Moment
Might be a light update day...anyway, the clownstaples page (the guy who made Windows noises) is back up. Some neat little flash demos...if you're in a hurry check out Arms and TP. Both are pretty nifty, I especially like the physics and feel of Arms.

What is Funny of the Moment
I am always uncomfortable when men I do not know comment on physical attributes of women both of us do not know. For example, just the other day, I was in an elevator with two strangers. One woman. One man. The woman arrived at her destination. Doors open. Doors shut, leaving me and the gentleman. He turns to me and says, "Did you see those tits? Looks like she shoved a roll of paper towels up there." I was tempted to play along with it and say, "More like a yoga mat." Or maybe add to the paper-towel reference with, "Man I would like to dry off with her boobs. The Brawny guy wishes he had a chest like that, I bet." And then we would both high-five until he got off the elevator and went to work at whatever mutual-fund company he worked for. I assume that a guy like that is looking for a bonding moment between two men, so maybe it will lead to us exchanging business cards. Or maybe that's the way the NRA started. I don't know. Instead, I just looked at my shoes and mumbled to myself so he could hear, "Girls are pretty awesome." He glanced at me. No, he just plain stared at me. Then I said, "You should see my mother's boobs." This confused him, and he got to his floor and exited the elevator. I thought about high-fiving myself, but instead just mumbled, "Did you see that ass?" Then I high-fived myself.
--Zach Galifianakis in The Onion's "What is Funny" feature. A certain friend of mine feels compelled to make that kind of comment all the time. He calls it having Boobette's Syndrome, which actually is a very good name for it...