legend of the wang

May 25, 2004
Quote of the Moment
"The meaning of life is to become a legend."
--Kefrens, Desert Dream. I saw "Troy" last night, and actually that quote echoes one of the central themes of the movie, the Greek heroes looking to have their names live on...sometimes I get hung up on that kind of thought. Though playing "what if" while standing in line for the Cyclone at six flags, Peterman and Leslee both said they would rather be rich than famous enough to go down in history.

Sophomoric Bit of the Moment
How much funnier would the first Harry Potter book be if you replaced 'wand' with 'wang'? Pretty funny, actually, or at least worth a giggle in parts.

Link of the Moment
A somewhat less cool Heavy Little Objects, it's My Urban Dig, a gal digging though and writing up the tchochkes in her house.