sad songs and margaritas

May 26, 2004
Quote of the Moment
You can be alone and not be pathetic. But it's hard, especially if you can't stay away from sad songs and margaritas.

Style of the Moment
So Jane at work is encouraging me along through the process of a minor makeover. Currently the most blatant sign is I'm trying to more or less give up jeans for cargo pants, and also adding in more colored, simple-patterned T's rather than just my usual buttondowns (generally actually buttoned these days) with a white, more interesting T underneath.

Now she's thinking I should get contacts...I'm wondering. My one experience with them in 1990 or so didn't go that well, but there may have been some big improvements in contacts for people with astigmatism since then. (And even those were the second generation.) I haven't bothered with glassescontacts (thanks Lex) because A. I'm slightly weirded out by the concept B. I'm used to glasses and C. Mo said she liked me with 'em. Well now C isn't a factor, and I shouldn't let A or B weigh too heavily...I dunno. Maybe I'll try posting with glasses, without glasses comparision pictures and let the crowd here know what I'm talking about.

Book of the Moment
Note to self, get the O'Reill book mentioned in this boingboing piece, Digital Photography Hacks. "The flow of traffic provides a great opportunity to add motion to your compositions. Automobiles are light-painting machines, and it's easy to put them to work for you". Too cool.

I gotta stop thinking of this in terms of some kind of rivalry with Mo, who has been posting some of her own stuff lately.

News of the Moment
So we're back to thinking about terrorism (one of the reasons I wanted to get my house sold sooner rather than later, frankly.) US says al-Qaeda ready to hit "hard". Sigh. I wonder what "hard" means. I have a feeling that they'd have a difficult time getting much bigger than the Madrid bombings, and anything much smaller than that...I dunno, I think this country is braced for it, frankly.

What I'm also dreading is the Republican spin after any attack. "The terrorists want to disrupt our elections, just like in Spain! They want you to think that we can't protect you! If you vote for Kerry the terrorists have already won!" and people taking that thinking seriously.

Bush: too many resources in Iraq. Too little attention to the homeland. Too much bad karma worldwide.

Bill the Splut points out that the administration can't even admit to fault in him falling off a bike. "It's been raining a lot and the topsoil is loose" (someone checked and it was like 10 days since the last rain in Crawford). As Bill says "He fell off a bike. And there's already an official cover-up."

Jimminy frickin' crickets.