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June 2, 2004
Poem Snippet of the Moment
The last thing you said to me
tore my heart into pieces;
For you held my heart in your hands
only to drop it into feces.
--This was the start of the very the first poem I had to read for this months' loveblender...despite that, I decided to keep reading through this month's works and resist the urge to shut down the site forever. (I kid, I kid. But it is a remarkably bad stanza, the worst that comes to mind on the Blender...just the awful bumpy rhythm to get to the forced-sounding rhyme with a word that's so clinical yet still way too evocative, all for an incredibly sappy sounding tale of heartbreak...)

Link of the Moment
With all the talk about the digital bugle (an insert to a real bugle that plays Taps, supposedly sounds pretty good because it uses the horn's bell to resonate, to make up for the way American WW2 Veterans are passing away in great numbers, and there aren't that many qualified buglers) I found this site, taps bugler. It's really a moving song, so melancholy. It's a real challenge to get right...between the high emotion and the way the player doesn't usually get a chance to warm up at all, it's very easy to crack notes, like happened at JFK's internment at Arlington cemetary.

It seems like there's a lot of room for expression in the length of the individual notes. I wonder if there's any disagreement between buglers about how long things can and should take...I imagine a "end of day" version might be pretty close to as it's written there, but at the service for a soldier it's probably good to give it more time.

Stunner of the Moment
NEWSFLASH: the Administration can't seperate politics and reproductive rights. Awesome!
Err, and by "Awesome!" I meant "Assholes!" I'm not sure if "pregnancy from occurring" means it prevents conception, but still; to have societal freedoms dictated by one view of "conception = there's a soul there!" is just wacked. By that token, they should want to arrest God or at least Mother Nature, the biggest abortionist of all...I've been told that in fact the majority of "pregnancies" spontaneously end, often evading detection.