all hail sawers

June 1, 2004
I shower the name of Sawers with a bajillion praises for his help with grueling packing work this weekend. He also came up with some good ideas for the layout of my new place, pointing out the center would make a very decent TV/Game room, leaving the front for an office/reading room. Go Sawers!

News of the Moment
The last widow of a Civil War soldier has passed away...even though it was a May-December wedding in the 1920s, it's still amazing to have had a connection with the past like that for so long.

Freaky Flash Thing of the Moment
Undertone networks might be reprehensible, but they have the coolest little daddy longlegs network-representation Flash toy I've seen. I always thought daddy long legs were pretty cool for computer animation.

Spam Thing of the Moment
Lately I've been the victim of multiple Joe-Jobs, where SPAM is being sent out looking like it came from my not-much-used "ael at alien bill dot com" account...I think I signed up for something on some questionable website way back when. So I get a ton of bounced messages and stuff...I just hope it doesn't cause my entire domain to be blacklisted anywhere, other than that it's just a raise in my general SPAM volume. Does anyone else get this? I don't know if there's any kind of retribution to be had.

Funny of the Moment
<lipsynch type="bad">Your crane move is very impressive...but it is no match for the 1000 fighting techniques of Rumsfeld....Now we must fight!</lipsynch>