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July 12, 2004
Ramble of the Moment
So in the "What Are You Trying To Do, KILL Your Mother???" department, I wanted to mention that I've made an odd discovery; how to inhale while having a cigarette. And because I'm NOT a smoker, I get a pretty amazing buzz, to the amusement and perhaps even envy of my smoker friends. (And there were a lot of them in Cleveland.) It's reasonably intense (but still mellow) and short-lived.

For years I was the tiniest bit of a social smoker...at my absolute height, one a day with a girlfriend who was on about the same schedule. But I didn't inhale, just brought it into my cheeks, and so never saw the point really, other than that the mechanics were kind of fun.

And I'm not going to indulge nearly that often. I am aware of the risks of this, and if I ever actually smoke alone or have more than 2 in one evening, that's it, I'm going cold turkey. But I have a few friends (like Anne Lapine) who have been doing this for a while; the trick is, if you stop getting the buzz, you deal with it by laying off for a month or two, not by upping the dose.

So I know many here will think me utterly foolish, and playing a risky game. And I'm aware of how unhealthy and difficult to shake an addiction to cigarettes can be. Up 'til now, at least chemical-wise, I haven't displayed any kind of readily addicted personality, so I don't think the overall risk to this carefully-bounded behaviour is as great as it would seem.

Incidentally, when I was in Portugal on the border with Spain I astounded Marcos by saying "tu sabes yo no fumo" in perfectly accented Spanish. During my 3 weeks there I started a trademark / running joke of accepting a cigarette (didn't want to be rude) and not lighting it...

Image of the Moment
--Here I am that trip, do-rage, unlit cigarette, beloved green canvas jacket, Marcos' (I think) sunglasses, waist pack and all. (Incidentally, I think the car we drove around in was a 60's Honda knockoff the Mini called the N360 that the Mini dealer mentioned.)

Lines of the Moment
She was the answer to his dreams.
Unfortunately, that answer was "no".
Evil Bastard

Feature of the Moment
Via Bill, it is the Worst Songs of Great Rockers. S'funny!