awaken to the forsaken bacon

July 21, 2004
Spike in traffic yesterday...looking at my referers I think it's because I got this comment in early in a slashdot discussion, and it had a link to my site (just mentioning that my site's structure isn't super-RSSable--though I'm almost tempted to ask this guy to give it a whirl).

Some of the bulk has to do with this stupid web hijack scheme where I seem to get a hit from a link at
...going to one of those sites brings up a huge flurry of Porn windows, just a stupid trick for people who bother to check to see who's linking to 'em.

Passage of the Moment
Bacon is truth, friend. It's not only a food that knows no culinary boundaries, it is a forceful, vengeful, little pile of fat that loves to make things crispy and dangerous.

Bacon makes everything crazy. Tie two hot dogs together with bacon. Strangle Bay scallops with bacon. Devil an egg and then stab it with bacon. Stick seventy-seven strips of bacon up a Cornish hen's ass. Rape a baked potato with bacon. Fuck with your peanut butter sandwich. When it's expecting the grape jam, hit it with the bacon.
Found part of this quote on mo's LJ profile. One summer Tufts computer lab geek's had a Cult of Bacon, and had a few BaconFests. Good times - and '95-'96 was pretty early for such cultish activity.

News of the Moment
The Olympic Village as the world's most elite "two-week-long private party for thousands of hard-bodies". Heh, that would be interesting.

Queestion of the Moment
Huh, Just realized that the day the divorce is final is a Saturday, August 7...I'm almost half tempted to try to throw my apartmentwarming party that day. Though I think that might be a bad idea--A., is 2 1/2 weeks enough time for evites and all for a big party? and B. I think I explicitly asked Mo not to have celebrations that day, so it would be kind of cheeky for me to do that.

Whaddya think? Would the 14th or 28th be a better bet?