jump! for my love!

News Article of the Moment
"It started about who would play solitaire on the computer."
Cousin of the Greek guy who jumped off the same balcony his Olympic Judo team girlfriend had a few days earlier, following an argument.
Both are in pretty serious condition at different hospitals. Crazy Greeks! Though come to think of it, if my girlfriend was national Judo champion...I'd probably let her go ahead and play solitaire ahead of me.

Random Thought of the Moment
I was looking at my old Palm-Pilot journal, KHftCEA. I gave up using my ever-present Palm as a journal shortly after I started doing this site on a daily basis...too much overlap. Overall that's been a positive change, but there's a certain lovely spontaneous triviality that posting to the web lacks. (Combined with being more aware of it being a public, "mom reads it" forum...even though I've since published the old Palm stuff, it was written in a more private voice and was more open.)

So I don't know if I should go back to having that kind of private notekeeping, or maybe add in more stuff here, or what. But in the spirit of the KHftCEA, here's a thought:

Maybe a friendship that turns into a romance is a bad idea, because it's too easy to not try to impress the other person. When I compare the lack of evidence I worked to woo Mo, vs. how much I have for some of my previous romantic interests, it's kind of sad. I absolutely took her for granted too quickly...I remember even noticing how much more she seemed to be into me than I was into her, back in the day. I mean, I was still into her for a lot of reasons, but I was probably pretty lousy at showing it.

(Heh...another side benefit of keeping a journal on the Pilot...the relative difficulty of writing in large amounts of text probably caused me to be more succinct...these last few days have been text, text, and more text.)

Eye Brow Raiser of the Moment
This Slate piece (arguing Kerry = CostCo, Bush = WalMart, CostCo beats WalMart) mentions a factoid given in Fortune the average salary of a Costco member is $95,333...yow! Is that like, average household income, or for a single person? (I'm always amused at surveys that ask "Household Income Range" but don't do a good job of asking how many salaries that's made up of, or how many people it supports.) Anyway, here's the .doc file (or Google HTMLification) with that factoid.

Anyways, I thought I was doing pretty well for myself...but apparently I'd be bringing the average down if I were to join CostCo!