remote chance

August 23, 2004
--I just want to mention: Lena and Bjorn have TOO MANY REMOTES. That is all.

Link of the Moment
Awe-inspiring page of optical illusions and eyetricks. You know, it seems like for years you always saw the same illusions over and over...look, the cube is inside out! Look, it's a vase AND two flowers? Look, the two lines are the same length! Hey hey it's Escher! But this guy is doing new amazing kinetic stuff. I wish I understood the color principles behind it better. If you're in a hurry, do Ctrl-F and cut and paste a search for "Dongurakokko"...

Ads of the Moment
Can't get enough banner ads? Then head on down to! There is something strangely compelling about seeing so many ads all stuck toegether. Despite being the bane of the Internet in the late '90s (and that was before bizarre popups and unders and through and what not) it's an interesting attempt to put a valid and compelling commercial story in a little bitsy space.

Some of my previous attempts for linkexchange:

With the latter one, I was trying to follow that theory that saying 'click here!' and giving a mousepointer cue, as goofy (and intelligence insulting) as it seems to net-saavy people, actually gets more hits.

Anyway, the site came via this article. Man, I still love Wired. Just got the most recent issue, and they find some of the best stuff to write about...