if he only had a brain

September 3, 2004
Political Quote of the Moment
"Who would you more likely vote for for president--the Tin Man, who is all brains and no heart, or the Scarecrow, who is all heart and no brain?" It was a landslide: Tin Man 49 percent to Scarecrow 13 percent.
Too bad in real-life the Tin Man/Scarecrow split is more like 50/50. Ok, that's not quite fair, though Bush has made some MAJOR miscalculations, which he NEVER ADMITS TO which is what ticks me off. MSNBC had an almost-fawning biography of the man, that made me a little more sympathetic to his outlook, but from day one, he never acted with the "humbleness" that he claimed or with what a guy who GOT FEWER VOTES should.

Thought of the Moment
Howard Stern was a repeat this morning, they had on some guy who is against California's Three Strikes and Your Out laws. It made me think: do you suppose the anti-Gay Marriage legislators who are whining about "activist judges" and "legislating from the bench" are some of the same ones who helped pass mandatory sentencing guidelines and "three strikes" laws that take away judges' discretion in sentencing?

Web Challenge of the Moment
Here's a simple question, but I could not Google up an answer to it: "What is the closest MBTA Subway stop to the Boston Opera House?" The Opera House itself seems to be lacking a canonical website, so all you get are ticket sites. The MBTA's search site is sadly lacking...or rather the opposite, showing me tons and tons of bus routes and what not that I'll never use. The phone number I found for the place doesn't get answered. Most tourist info sites don't mention anything about T-access.

What is this, 1995?