on breath and sighing

September 7, 2004
Enigma of the Moment
I was reading my morning paper, and saw that Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, author of "On Death and Dying" had died.

I couldn't believe it. It made me so mad.

I thought that I would give up my morning coffee if only it weren't true, and I was so sad.

But finally, I finished my coffee and went to work.
David Phillips, in "rec.humor.funny".
I liked it just for its mood and rhythm and I knew there was a joke in there but it took me a while to get it...

Game of the Moment
Kind of annoying that you only get 5 tries, and it is a commercial for a scubadiving service, but PADI Skydiver is a worthy little brief diversion, a 3D version of those those "Human Cannonball" games.

Invention of the Moment
So the story behind the amazing inventor of a whole new type of aircraft makes for some good reading. I liked the idea of using a flame as a loudspeaker...I wonder if the "Fan Wing" design will catch on? It's slow, which is useful in certain applications...the wing assembly looks a bit like a harvester behind a tractor...

Gameshow of the Moment
Ken Jennings continues to romp on Jeopardy. You know, everyone thinks he's so smart or at least knows a lot, but I'd wager (hah) that that's only half the story; probably he has opponents who know just as many of the answers but are a millisecond less quick on the trigger. (A while back Slate described the KenJen drinking game...daring to ask that age-old question, "What is the raison d'ê tre of the television-based drinking game?")