drink deep

September 14, 2004
--This kind of water jug is popular at work...I think it holds as much water as your supposed to drink in a day. Now that I've added eyes and teeth, it looks like I'm drinking from Maakies' Uncle Gabby's head...even more so in this most recent cartoon where he's shaved it.

Quote of the Moment
... Had this been an actual emergency, we would have fled in terror, and you would not have been informed.

Modern Folk Wisdom of the Moment
So FoSO, who lives not too far from me in Arlington, has made an observation that I thought was really clever, a neat bit of modernish folk wisdom: when it's summer, and you hear airplanes over Arlington, that means it's likely to be good sleeping weather. Cool huh?

It works because a high pressure system in the west is associated with weather from Canada, blue skies and cool dry air. And airplanes take off into the wind, so if they're heading west from Logan they'll pass over Arlington. (Candi, are you at all impressed?)