you don't get any ice cream, scumbag

September 15, 2004
Dialog of the Moment
isnoop writes:
TheChirurgeon: "So, what would you do if you were rich?"
Me: "You mean when I'm rich?"
TheChirurgeon: "Yeah."
Me: "Well, I would probably pay a big dude to follow my roommate around, and every time he got some ice cream, the big dude would slap it out of his hands onto the ground. Then he would be like 'You don't get any ice cream, scumbag'."

Note: This roommate and I aren't enemies, but he was there, and we constantly mess with each other.

ANAmal: "Wouldn't he eventually just stop eating ice cream?"
Roommate: "Yeah, I would probably stop."
Me: "Yeah, and then I would have the big dude hide, so that when you went to get ice cream, and you thought you were safe, he'd jump out, and then knock it out of your hands."
Roommate: "Yeah, but-"
Me: "And then I'd pay another big dude to follow you around in an ice cream truck, and constanlty offer out free ice cream."
Roommate: "So... much... hate."

Worth clicking through.

Map of the Moment
This is a nifty map/poll of the USA, showing states sized relative to how many electoral votes they're worth. I wish the news wasn't looking so Bush-postive though. Man, I had a feeling Kerry isn't the right guy...I hope against hope that the debates manage to turn it aroud.