mmm, 13 german girls crammed in a smart car

September 20, 2004
Link of the Moment
Not that great but maybe worth a glance, the 50 weirdest Guinness World Records. You know it's weird, but I think this might be the first time since I've started drinking Guinness beer that I remembered its connection to the collection of world records...(though somewhere I heard it was made to help settle bar bets.) I like the final one: MOST PEOPLE CRAMMED INTO A SMART CAR: 13 girls in Munich, Germany, in 1999.

Quote of the Moment
"Cosmo? I just want you to know. No matter what you do. You are going to die, just like everybody else."
--Rose Castorini in Moonstruck, via slactivist's damning analysis of the "Left Behind" series.

Advertisement of the Moment

--excerpt from an old AtariSoft advertisement (1/4 way down the page). I think the AtariAge crew found it amusing for two reasons: one is the game "Manholes of Venus", which is just funny on so many levels. (I don't know if it's supoosed to be a reference to Infocom's actual text adventure game "Leather Godesses of Phobos".) Two is just the sheer SASSY emanating from the girl as she scorns the boy for not having the good games...

Yow! Talk to the hand 'cause the face ain't havin' none of that.

Also, slightly funny: the final panel of the ad is clearly labeled "The Next Day." but ALL the kids are in the exact same clothes. Man, those kids woulda been beat up or at least mocked if they tried that at my middle school. It kind of cuts back on the brotherly kumbaya that that beaming blond kid is trying to spread.

News Commentary of the Moment
Interesting. Maybe no matter who wins A quick exit from Iraq is likely, though neither side is admitting that. I don't see how this "messy new Iraq" is preferable to what a Saddam-run police state was...especially since we withdrew the inspectors rather than giving the inspections military teeth. It looks like by avoiding a 70s-era-Vietnam we're heading for another 90s-era Afghanistan.