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September 21, 2004
Geek News of the Moment
There's a buzz that Google is working on its own browser. If anyone has the juice to take on IE's dominance, it's those guys. Maybe I'd even switch! This has got to be making Microsoft sweat...even though browsers are given away free, it's still an important source of control...in fact, some people think Microsoft worked hard to achieve browser dominance to eventually stop innovation in that area, because then the web might be more able to move in functionality Microsoft would like to see stay on the desktop OS.

Quote of the Moment
"Racism is wrong. Judge people one at a time and realize most of them are a**holes."
--xalres on Slashdot

Ramble of the Moment
You know, sometimes it's the details that really make something, or the action around the action. Like when I watch football, for some reason I'm really interested in how players help other players back to their feet after a play. Or how people on the sideline react when a player from the other team almost runs into them...are they friendly, or mean? I find that kind of interaction about as engrossing as the action of the game itself.

The other thing I like is when my UU-church ends with a kind of benediction with everyone holding hands, and at the end, you give the hands you're holding a reasurring little squeeze, a small message of mutual friendship. For some reason I dig that.

Just the little details I find interesting...

Another little detail: isn't it strange how almost all car hoods out there have the same design, something like this:
| \    / |
|OO ## OO|
##      ##
It's that V-shape that interests me....if you greatly expanded it, you'd see something like those old-timey cars, with a big space in the middle for the engine, and then fenders on either side, where the headlights go. Check it out...almost all the cars you see around have that trifold pattern, though there are some vans than are just a single crease in the middle. I don't know if this pattern is so predeminant for engineering reason, or if it's now just ingrained that that's how cars should look...UPDATE: the PT Cruiser is a good modern take on what I meant by "old-timey" car, and I still think it's interesting how most cars seem influenced by that.

Those are just some things that have been going through my head the last few days, though taken together they don't make up the most coherent blog entry I'm afraid...