vamp revamp

October 16, 2004
I'm thinking about a revamp to my website (along with moving to a new webhost, thanks FoSO and FoSOSO!) and I realize maybe it's time to think about some kind of content management system. More specifically, I'd like to make presentations of stuff I've done over the years, and tag it with some kind of metadata, so along with the usual arrangement by type (these are my photos, these are my Java toys) you could also arrange it by...well, arranging by year comes to mind. And search on keywords (I use one or two sentence writeups for a lot of my content, it turns out.)

I have a lot of different stuff. Ideally I could use the system with my current data presentations, like the way photobook is arranged, or how I display my gamebuttons is. Sometimes it's not clear what a "chunk" is...maybe gamebuttons is a single "thing". Or maybe each gamebutton is...aargh, I dunno.

And then I have to decide if I should stick with flatfiles or upgrade to a database...flatfiles are so reliable and portable though, I hate to give them up lightly..

I'd also like to add in a lot of stuff, and just make a more canonical Kirk site. Not that 98% of it will be of any interest to anyone else, but it would be neat if all the old school stuff I've scanned in was there, and links to all my rambles...I guess there would have to be a private section for the stuff I'd like to have in the same format but don't want everyone else to see...I don't have a strong sense of privacy, but I know other people I've interacted with do.

Link of the Moment
The Math Behind Murphy's Law...LAN3 points out that the recent Genesis solarwind spaceprobe crash landing was due to a sensor installed backwards which is amazingly similar to the story that actually gave rise to Murphy's Law -- originally stated as:

Quote of the Moment
"If there are two or more ways to do something, and one of those can result in catastrophe, then someone will do it."
--Edward A. Murphy