libe the way i tyupe

Photos of the Moment
Not much in terms of new material, but I finally got to relabeling the first section of my photoalbum scan based on some notes I asked my mom to send me. So people interested in what I looked like up to about third or fourth grade, you're all set. You could even see the rest of my photo album if you like, going to a little after the end of college.

Like I mentioned before, I'm still a little amused that I didn't realize that this part of my photo album is made up of rescued rejects from my mom's collection.

Quote of the Moment
I want to live the way I type; fast, with a lot of mistakes.
Attribution unknown...
I've been quoting it for a long time though. Briefly, after some failed googling on newsgroups I thought I might've coined it, but no, I must've heard it somewhere.

Article of the Moment
Good little read on people who play sweepstakes as a hobby, or sometimes a compulsion...

I guess I can see the appeal...ties in with the lottery. In search of the ever-elusive "one big win"...