November 8, 2004
Dumb Sports Thought of the Moment
St. Louis, Missouri: "Show Me"
Boston, New England: "OK"
From Super Bowls to World Series, Boston's got St. Louis' number, most recently in a nice strong win by the Pats on the Ram's home (astro-)turf. Anyway, this was the best line I could come up with.

Quote of the Moment
There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Article of the Moment
Dang it, Canada DOES sound better and better...except for the weather. Maybe if it's global warming (despite the counterintuitive cold that may come before it) it will be an even better place...

Health Hazard of the Moment
Eww. I am now regretting my previous habit of reusing plastic water jugs for extended periods. Probably by the time I noticed the smell was a bit off, it was well into a not-so-good-for-me kind of way. My current strategy is to just use small soda bottles and iced coffee cups for just a day or two at a stretch. Water jugs are so hard to clean, because of the narrow tops...