we got the beat

November 7, 2004
So, I'm a rhythm and beat-centric kind of guy, and one thing I always notice is the pattern of my car's turn indicators...I like to find patterns with different beats, see if I kind find synchronicity in too different patterns The thing about blinkers' beat is that it that they NEVER MATCH ANYTHING. Never have the same beat as traffic signals, never match the music, never even match the blinkers of other cars. For some reason that really bugs me.

Quote of the Moment
What if a Spanish guy was named Ita,
then you'd have to call him Senor Ita.

Link of the Moment
What brands got the most play in Hip Hop songs in 2003? Mercedes, Lexus, Gucci, Cadillac, and Burberry.

I'm so white. "But I went to a very black high school".