grand theft auto: kirk's scion

November 15, 2004
So lately I've been sinking some time into Grand Theft Auto: San's a pretty amazing game, greatly amplifying the feeling of an adventure overlayed on a "real city" that the previous games introduced to the field. It's the first GTA I've spent much time with since getting the GPS for my car, and I realized that its display, with a polygon-ish road map and a triangle indicating my position and direction is just like the little map shown in GTA. So basically, I've turned my life into Grand Theft Kirky...

Strange Links of the Moment
After FoSO and some others seemed to indicate that they like the rambles, lately I've been trying to push this site in that direction a bit. But I don't mean to be neglectful of links, so here are 3 of the oddest things I've seen on the web this week: