well hung seperately

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November 16, 2004
Quote of the Moment
I believe that fascism is about abandoning your personal responsibility to the group or to society. You say 'In unity there is strength,' which inevitably will become 'In uniformity there is strength.' It's better if those sticks are the same size and length, because then they'll make a tidier bundle, which consequently leads to the kind of fascism that we saw in the '30s and '40s.
Alan Moore, interview with the Onion's AV Club

Image of the Moment

--I'm not really into "Extreme Sports" for the most part but this shot of Mike Basich I couldn't resist. There's a Video and more info at arborsports. (via this Big-Boys.com entry)

Bad Law of the Moment
However, under the proposed law, skipping any commercials or promotional announcements would be prohibited.
Jeez...do you think this would mean skipping the previews that are at the head of some DVDs and VHS tapes would be illegal?