sidebar ahoy

November 28, 2004
So the new sidebar is there...still haven't sent out the invites for the people I hope will be adding to it, alongside stalwarts Dylan and Sarah. Pretty much anyone who knows me in real life is eligible for an account, along with anyone who has played a recurring role on the comments section here, so if you meet one of those criteria and don't receive an invite in the next couple of days, let me know.

Ramble of the Moment
I blew off UU Church this morning. One thing that bugs me about that know, this is a liberal, thoughtful, well-educated population. Is it actually a rule that all responsive readings must be read in a flat, dull, lockstep monotone? Would the reading be thrown into incompatible chaos if everyone just tried to put a little life and vitality and expression into what they're saying?

Quote of the Moment
Fanaticism consists of redoubling your efforts when you have forgotten your aim.
via John Sawers in the Comments the other day.