google-y eyes

November 29, 2004
Old Link of the Moment
Have you tried Google Desktop? I was hoping for something better than Outlooks awful search engine for my e-mail. One disconcerting part of it is how when you go to regular Google, by default it also starts showing you matches from your local desktop. It's pretty freaky when it looks like the contents of your local machine have somehow made it to Google, even though they swear it's all smoke and mirrors, no information is sent back to their servers. The othe stupid thing about that is by default it shows you matches in your browser cache, so the sequence is you're at a website, you decide to Google the general topic, and the first hits are always...what you were just looking at...duh.

Paperbacks of the Moment
--via, this amusing collection of Sleaze Science Fiction Covers. "Starship Intercourse" was a pretty good one too...and the site has different genres as well, from Film Noir to Lesbiana.

Link of the Moment
I swear I've never actually played D+D, but Fun With Dice, how to roll the dice in the most annoying ways possible, made me giggle.