see you in court!

November 30, 2004
I've got a traffic court date today. I swear I was trying to do the Right Thing and what the traffic signs were telling me to do. The incident was on August First...I was driving south on 93. There was an electronic roadsign saying "LEFT 3 LANES CLOSED". I thought that was a little odd, because the road was only 3 lanes, but whatever. Eventually I get to the slowly moving traffic...and there's another sign "LEFT 3 LANES CLOSED". And there's only 3 lanes. But traffic is somehow still moving, so I figure everyone is going to the breakdown lane. I thought this was confirmed when I see 2 or 3 cars go start using the breakdown lane, and I actually thought that was what we were supposed to do. Sure I thought it was a chance to get moving ahead of other folks, but I also thought it was what we were supposed to be doing to get traffic moving in general.

Sigh. $100 fine, but assuming I don't succesfully fight it I'm more concerned about the insurance aspect. This is my first moving violation, I've never even gotten a speeding ticket. So it's really annoying to get the blemish, especially when I really thought I was doing what the signs indicated I should do.

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Something Wickard This Way Comes. Drugs are bad, mmm-kay? Stupid prude nation. Are our drug laws really a commendable act of keeping society in order and staving off entropy and chaos, or are these mostly just self-righteous blowhards who delight in stopping other people from having fun, even if that also means people who are really, really sick and have a legitmate need for marijuana get screwed? The article points out that the Justices' hypocrisy of being for states' rights just so long as they agree with the state in question is astounding.