the homers

December 3, 2004
I've been listening to sports radio a lot lately. It hit me that I consider it something to feel a little ashamed of, as if I was veering towards being more of a anti-intellectual "typical guy", or something like that...something that doesn't match up with my image of myself. (This negative "Joe Shmoe" image probably reflects a bit of prejudice on my own part.)

First off, a lot of Sports Radio is pretty dull. These guys can go off on tangents that are pretty obscure, or even big topics (like player contracts) that don't interest me that much. There are some bright points, though, like WEEI's "Whiner Line", on around 6PM weekdays...there's some really funny people calling in. And a baseball or football game can be a great driving companion, engaging the fan's visual imagination and emotional core just a bit.

But then it hit the risk of being a bit of fairweather fan, this is an astounding time in Boston Sports. Boston has the reigning champs in both baseball and football! (Plus a basketball team we won't get into right now, but a pretty good soccer team that I think got into the finals.) I mean Boston usually fields very competitive teams, but having the "world champions" in two sports at once has only ever happened a few times. So why not be a bit of a sports fan? It would be stupid to not appreciate this era in the local sports scene 'til after it was long gone...

A funny disparaging term on these stations is calling someone a "homer", meaning they're all "rah-rah" for the home team and it clouds their objective opinion. And I'm sure I've got some of that, but who cares. Pats Rock. Red Sox Rock. You other teams, just stay the heck out of their way lets you be steamrolled by our mighty juggernauts.

Quote of the Moment
Dying is hard, but everyone has to do it, and I hope I do it well.
Verona Johnston, America's oldest person, who finally passed away at the age of 114.
That's a lovely sentiment, though I keep thinking of what my cow orker Jamie said: " psyched must the person who used to be the SECOND oldest person in America be now?"

Toy of the Moment
It has been done before but who can resist virtual bubble wrap? Don't bother not checking "Manic Mode", other wise it's way too slow to be satisfying.