burn baby burn

December 2, 2004
Quote of the Moment
"Some oxygen molecules help fires burn while others help make water, so sometimes it's brother against brother."
--Alleged actual quote from a science student's paper, collected by Richard Lenderer. That's a great geek poetic thought.

Martini of the Moment
This might be making the rounds, I think I heard it mentioned on the radio this morning, but the Algonquin Hotel's $10,000 Martini is...well, about what you'd expect a $10,000 Martini to be, I imagine. (I.e. mostly a publicity stunt, but an entertaining one.) I wonder what the "round table" woulda said...

Feh. I can't stand gin anyway. Maybe I've never had the good stuff but it always ends up tasting like pinesol to me.