what can the browns do for you?

December 5, 2004
Today the Patriots are playing the Cleveland Browns, a team whose helmets are notably plain, just a solid block of color: Orange, of course. I really hope that when they need stuff shipped they use the trucking company Yellow, whose trucks and branding are proudly Orange as well. ("the safest color on the road".)

Of course, the helmets might be better for the Browns than the alternative of this guy, who I guess was used in the '50s and 60s. (UPDATE: Some careful googling (the key was adding in the word "elf") revealed that the guy's name is "Brownie" and he got disposed of by Art Modell right after he bought the team, though I think he's started to make a few retro appearances here and there.)

The image came from the NFL page at logoserver.com... LogoServer is an archive of all these logos from teams famous and utterly obscure alike. They even have logos from teams that never quite made it, like a team that might have been in Baltimore if the Browns hadn't moved there and become the Ravens:
Come to think of it, I previously kisrael'd "I almost want to rig up a big web compendium of all the teams and logos I can get my hands on"... it looks like LogoServer.com beat me to it.

Laser Tag of the Moment
I played Laser Tag for the first time last night, at a place called The LazerZone in Randolph. It was fun, not quite what I expected. My mom and I were on the same team, actually. (This was part of the local Salvation Army's headquarters christmas family dinner.) We did ok, with our team losing the first match and taking the second. I tended to score in the middle of the pack...the tactics weren't quite what I expected, because a big part of the game is just standing there blasting someone as they (sometimes) just stand there and blast at your "base"...sometimes not dodging because they're in "invincible mode" or just because they want to get as many hits in as possible. Though I think ducking and dodging and prolonging your 20 "lives" before having to go back to homebase for a recharge was a big part of it. Still, fun. I worked up a sweat, though I was wearing a fleece pullover which wasn't too sharp.