nice and crisp

December 6, 2004
Quotes of the Moment
(All of these are from the A.V Club's interview with Quentin Crisp)

[In response to "Why have you always lived in one room in a rooming house?"] "Well, because I've never found out what people do with the room they're not in. So I stay in one room, and it's easier to live there, to control it, to make it warm. It seems to me to a covenient way to live, and it's cheap.
--Quentin Crisp. I sometimes still have the urge, somewhat incompatible with my slovenly habits, of one-room-living. I think the model for me is life during college. A bed, a computer, some books, a comfy chair, a television with videogames, a designated place to go for meals, where they take care of the cooking and the clean was really something.

"Even a monotonously undeviating path of self-examination does not necessarily lead to a mountain of self-knowledge. I stumble toward my grave confused and hurt and angry..."
--Quentin Crisp, from the ending of "The Naked Civil Servant"

"Yes, it's written into the Constitution that you're allowed to pursue happiness. In England it would be considered a frivolous objective."
--Quentin Crisp, on views on happiness on freedomin America vs. England. The interview also quotes him as saying "in America, everybody's your friend and happiness rains down from the sky." which might be overstating it a bit, but who knows.