December 21, 2004
Yeesh, the 11-2 2-11 (duhhr, thanks Eric) Dolphins beat the 12-1 Pats? Ah well. Maybe a dose of reality will be good for this team in the playoffs.

Image of the Moment
--"McDonald's" from the floating logos project...tall franchise signs with the poles digitally removed, leaving the billboards eerily floating above...

Mashup of the Moment
Meet the Beastles...a mashup of two of my perennial favorites, the Beatles and the Beastie Boys...

Editorials of the Moment
What 'I' get to do, as president, is make promises that I know perfectly well can never be kept, and then to make Congress break those promises for me. I don't have to change 'the principles I believe in' because I know more responsible people in the government will violate them and take the blame.

Those 'principles,' then, are really nothing more than the narcissism of a spoiled child.

Slate really rips into Bush's last press conference
...was it as bad as all that? Should our Commander-in-Chiefs new motto be the buck stops over there, so don't ask me? And is his "strong leadership" just trying to make others make the difficult decisions? What a lame figurehead.