acid reflex disease

December 22, 2004
Hey, congratulations to "Evil Bastard" (He's not so evil, as far as I can tell, though he is a figurative bastard when it comes to certain Nintendo games) who just got himself a job after a somewhat-prolonged bout of unemployment. He doesn't start the new gig 'til after the new year, so finaly he can really enjoy not working rather than sweating it. Ya the "be careful what you wish for department"...I really wish I had like a month or two off. Between dating, a bit of church involvement...I don't know, but it feels like I have so much fewer free weeknights than I used to. It seems like every evening is either with Ksenia, or maybe with E.B. and his wife, (though I end up blowning stuff off with him too often...FoSO and Sawers, I'm lookin' at you.) or some scheduled thing, church or family. I neglect my other friends, and in general I feel seriously strained timewise. So a month or two off, try to catch up, tacklet like 3 or 4 projects I have in mind...but if it was because of unemployment I'm sure I'd be too neurotic to enjoy it.

Game of the Moment
Decent little oldschool puzzle game RefleX. Click on the panels to adjust the course of the ball to collect all the tokens and then hit the goal.

News Headline of the Moment
"Up to a foot of snow is possible in parts of Indiana and Ohio today as a storm spreads into the region. Motorists already are sliding off roads." writeup for Huge band of snow stretches across U.S.. I just thought it was a strikingly folksy way of writing an article summary.