rock 'em sock 'em

December 29, 2004
Thanks for all the feedback yesterday. I really appreciate it... more later.

Toy Review Excerpt of the Moment
The Americans sure knew how to name toys. We, to be honest, didn't. So, while this boxing automaton chestnut went under one of the best names for any game, or indeed any thing, ever, in the States, the rather rarer British version was renamed... Raving Bonkers Fighting Robots.
Interesting to see what they got vs. what we grew up with. The descriptions are detailed and pull no punches about great or ultimately stupid any given toy was. The main TV Cream site has more of the same about different lost bits of British popular culture.

Weird News of the Moment
Under things you'd kind of hope to see on the "Weekly World News" or some other tabloid with lots of made up stories: Woman Gives Birth To Own Grandchildren...triplets, in fact, for her own daughter who was unable to conceive. Not quite "I'm my own grandpa", but getting there.