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December 30, 2004
Video Game Essay of the Moment
Hello,and welcome to my Atari Philosiphy.Sorry for the bad spelling.
Today's is about Mangia by Spectravision.This game brings up the fact that even though we live in America,there are people of different cultures.
I hope you liked this collumn
--213ed on this AtariAge post, just a lovely bit of inanity. Mangia is a very rare Atari game, where a mother (presumably Italian) keeps bringing food and you have to keep getting rid of it, either by eating it (but not too much or you'll literally explode) or by passing it off to a pet.

Finance of the Moment
Slate piece on Gambler's Small Investor's Fallacies. Interesting to read about all the little bits of psychology that go into it.

Video Footage of the Moment
I had been looking around for Tsunami video footage. Scary stuff...interesting that in a lot of the videos, it's not like a giant breaking wave crashing down, just a hugely massive flood of water "gradually" getting higher and higher, with tremendous force.

Linkback of the Moment linked to my gamebuttons the other day. Nice to see theirthey're ("thanks", FoSO!) still getting a little attention. Pretty decent site at that, each day has kind of a theme for a small set of links.

Sadness of the Moment
--Sign held by young boy in this photo from Thailand...his family was visiting from Sweden when the tidal wave hit.
For Christians who believe in the story of Noah and the promise of the rainbow...well, technically this ain't flooding the whole earth, but it's bad enough.