the last day of one damn year

December 31, 2004 seems hard to believe that this is the last day of 2004. And that this decade is half over already. Actually, given how much the cultural scene has been dominated by 9/11 (and to think a few years before that I assumed it would be dominated by Y2K...) -- and the way 2002 and 2003 kind of collapsed in on themselves for me -- it seems strange.

For the record, I think the best name for this decade will be "the 2000s" despite the ambiguity with the name of the century. None of the other options seem that great, either too contrived or otherwise unintuitive.

Funny of the Moment
9:30 a.m.: I meet my parents at Penn Station. My father arrives wearing a "McCain" hat, even though he's an avid Democrat, because he found it on the train. He's a Jew, but he would wear a Hitler jumpsuit if it was free.
--Rachel Feinstein, answering The Onion AV Club's "What is funny" with My parents' recent trip to visit me in New York. A timeline follows...