phobe 'ya

January 8, 2005
Link of the Moment
LAN3 mentioned this chat about phobias, most notably, fear about embarassment in public... didn't realize it could come from watching other people getting embarrassed, but I can see how that kind of cringing feeling could turn into a full blown phobia.

Article of the Moment
Via boingboing, Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sleep (But Were Too Afraid To Ask.) I didn't know that possibly the "most natural" sleep pattern is asleep at dusk, then waking up once during the night. But I already sensed that this nation has just no commitment to making bedrooms adequately dark.

Hmm, I wonder if curtains might be the key to making my house better...both in terms of warmer (without the ghetto look of syran-wrap like sheets) and darker, for the bedroom and the TV room.

Quote of the Moment
Innumeracy can lead... to the sense that one doesn't really count.