January 9, 2005
Link of the Moment
"Epic Trance is the gateway genre into the world of rave for most people, so if you have any form of music to blame for raves hitting the mainstream, this is it. Right here. And that, my friends, really, truly, terribly sucks. There must be a word to describe the pain one feels when witnessing (or hearing, rather) something once pure and brilliant completely sold down the river."
...snarky commentary on the many genres of electronica along with samples so you really get an idea of what he's talking about. (Thanks Sawers)

Computer Fix of the Moment
Boring Geek Stuff Follows, here for my future reference, and maybe some will find it useful.

Many thinks to LAN3 yesterday...not only did he give me 2 out of 3 of my kisrael entries, he also gave me some handholding as I tried to struggle through some problems with my PC.

The problem was my computer was logging me out as soon as I logged in. LAN3 pointed me to Reponse 20 on this message board (though Response 22 was amusing for its staggering semi-literacy.) I couldn't login on the Recovery Console like it suggested, I think because I never changed the Administrator password from blank. So I tried to use the Petter Nordahl-Hagen's linux set up mentioned here, but I think the blank password stymied it too. (LAN3 suggested I use DVDdecrypter to burn the .iso images to CD, and it worked very well.) After that, I tried system-down linux, the idea being get just enough going to grab the files I didn't have backed up on my laptop already and then reinstall Windows. System-down seemed promising, but it had no documentation and I had no idea what password to use or where the harddrive was setup. Finally, Usenet was my salvation..."Enkidu" suggested I skip the Linux route and use Bart's PE bootable Windows-- that worked great. I was able to boot into it then make the drives viewable to my laptop over the network, and copy what I need before I do a reinstall of Windows on that machine.

Lessons learned: don't leave Windows passwords blank, be grateful for friends like LAN3, and have a BartPE boot CD handy. Oh, and being able to have a backup laptop or PC is very, very useful.