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February 3, 2005
Bought a more recent version of the "Dance Dance Revolution" software. Maybe someday I'll upgrade the pad too, if I manage to actually get into a minimum-half-hour routine.

Oh, also there's a new candidate for my "holy grail" food, something that tastes terrific, isn't too bad nutrionally, and if I eat eat a ton of it one day won't hurt that much: Quaker/Cracker Jack "Butter Toffee" rice cakes. 60 calories each, which is only like 15 more than a regular rice cake. So combining that with my other favorite of rice cakes plus mustard, I have the salty and sweet cravings met.

Commentary of the Moment
William Saletan on the flipflops in Bush's Address.

Toy of the Moment
Another fun boingboing find, thumbnails matching your color wheel selection. Neat stuff.

Geek Note of the Moment
(Incredibly geeky...maybe 3 people who read my site will have any idea what I'm talking about.) So on my current project, we tend to slap new versions of single java classes into pre-existing jars rather than doing full builds. Before yesterday the technique was to copy the built classfile from its location to a hierarchy starting at C:\ (e.g. C:\com\kisrael\foo.class), open up the jar in WinZip, locate and delete the old version of the class, drag the file onto WinZip making sure to select "preserve path info"...quite a pain. I poked around the "jar" command line options and found a much easier way:
So if the class was "com.kisrael.foo" and the jarfile was "c:\dist\app.jar" and my editor put the classfiles in "c:\proj\classes" then the command would be
jar -uf c:\dist\app.jar -C c:\proj\classes com\kisrael\foo.class
This kind of process improvement is something I seem much better at than most of my peers, from getting really good at making macros and what not in editors, to writing quick little perl apps, to finding commandline options, to using my online database app to do knowledge tracking. I wish I knew a way to capitalize on this, make it closer to a fulltime activity, because I really enjoy it.