mmmm, delicous beer-scented computing...

February 2, 2005
So, the laptop seems more or less fine...a little stinky, and some of the keys were a bit sluggish 'til I exercised them. I wonder if any local PC place does laptop cleaning. Nick mentions "you should be able to clean your keyboard by washing thoroughly with de-ionised water then letting it dry completely". It sounds like some people even dunk components and then let them dry, which would be a lot easier than prying stuff apart. I'm not sure how well it would get at the beer residue however.

Link of the Moment
Finally back from a recent thorough slashdotting, OSviews on Apple's Top Ten Flops. It seems a little mean-spirited to focus on the failures on a company that has done such neat stuff, but it's still an interesting article.

News of the Moment
--Photo of alleged abducted US Soldier "John Adam" that looks suspiciously similar to a GI Joe-like toy sold in the area. Wouldn't it be great if the whole situation in Iraq really has deteriorated into a big "I Love Lucy" episode?