yay patriots!

February 7, 2005
Hey, the Pats won again! "Dynas-three": 3 wins, each by 3 points. (I find it kind of neat to look at the "kisrael.com coverage" for the 2002 and 2004.)

I guess the thing I really noticed was how badly the Eagles handled the clock in the last half of the last quarter. The Pats aren't perfect but you never see them making that kind of mistake.

Was over at FoSO's house, with their big old high-def video projector mojo working...Evil B and wife were also in attendance, 10 or so people in all. I apologize for all the cussing. I just love cussing during games, it makes it more fun.

Slate proclaims the Pats the lamest dynasty in sports. Well, whatever. The one point I agreed with was the lameness of most of the Pats' post-score or -interception celebrations-- generally just imitating T.O.'s wing flap. It would have been at least a little funny if they made it into the chicken dance instead. As it was, it just said "Yeah, we know we're not as big a star as that guy, but neener-neener, we scored anyway."

Quote of the Moment
Once you accept that most women are evil, that most men are predictable pigs, and that someone is always on a moral crusade, the world's not such a bad place.
"Call Me: The Rise and Fall of Heidi Fleiss".
I used this as the top of the page quote for the February issue of the Blender of Love. Huh, you know what? I totally forgot to call this month's edition the "Valentine Issue" like I usually do...oh well.

Lego Creation of the Moment
--"Untitled" by Johnson Fan. I brought a Lego Advent Calendar (that I had received too late to use 'properly') into work. I had fun making a big assyemtrical edifice, but Johnson did me one better by using pretty much all the remaining pieces in one giant rolling masterpiece.