an ice guy

February 22, 2005
Curling Quote of the Moment
"It's forty-two pounds of polished granite, bevelled on the belly and a handle a human being can hold. And it may have no practical purpose in itself but it is a repository of human possibility and if it's handled just right, it will exact a kind of poetry...
...For ten years, I've drilled for oil in 93 countries, five different continents, and not once have I done anything to equal the grace of a well thrown rock sliding down a sheet. Not once."
...the movie shows that curling (you know, that sport with guys furiously sweeping the ice in front of a big heavy sliding stone) is a cooler sport that I would have guessed. This line was a part of that...I think there's something about the phrasing of "a handle a human being can hold"...also, I didn't realize how heavy those things were. I wouldn't mind trying it once.

Gadgets of the Moment
Cool, mobilpc brings you the top 100 gadgets of all time. (Currently slashdotted, though...)