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March 2, 2005
Lesson Learned of the Moment
Yesterday was probably my worst day of the whole season for car-digging out...the snow was just so wet and heavy. Plus, I'm a moron, and misjudged how wide an entrance had been dug out to my building's mini-parking lot, and backed half my car into a snowbank. I was stuck pretty badly for a bit...I probably should've tried to get some help from a neighbor. At one point I left the car in gear to "creep" forward and then got out to push...on a scale of "1" to "safe and smart" it probably ranks pretty low, but at least it got the job done.

Speaking of my car...I'm still pretty infatuated with it. It just has that "cute" and "utilitarian" vibes down so well. I suspect I might be the tiniest tad insecure about it somehow, like people who think it's underpowered on the highways (which I totally disagree with, but whatever) because I so enjoy positive coverage, like they had recently in "In the Autoblog Garage", Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 + 5.